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Back Pain During Pregnancy

It is common for patients to seek a Chiropractor during pregnancy. Your body goes through a tonne of changes including mood, sleep patterns, increased headaches, but the one that many women see a Chiropractor for is back pain.


Pregnancy is beautiful, yet bodily changes may cause lower back pain.

Body Changes from Pregnancy

Over the course of 9 months, pregnancy stretches your abs, and stretches our certain ligaments and changes your in centre of gravity, making you walk you walk, sit, sleep and move differently. This often causes pressure and tension in the joints and muscles of the low back. On top of that, pregnancy pain can also cause other symptoms such as pain at the front of the pelvis (pubic symphysis pain), leg discomfort and sciatica (pain down the leg).

Chiropractic during Pregnancy

Chiropractic treatment is aimed at encouraging good function of the pelvis and spine during pregnancy. Treatment often involves chiropractic adjustments, stretches specially for the tight muscles at the front of the pelvis and hamstrings, as well as safe exercises and advice to manage the changes that you are going through during the 9 months.

What happens after Pregnancy?

Women also commonly seek Chiropractic to manage the sudden changes of the pelvis and spine after birth. On top of this women often feel a new developed tension that develop due changed demands of holding newborns for extended periods of time. Therefore it is common during this period that women may also feel soreness in their neck, shoulders and mid back.

Consult With A Professional

At My Back Relief Clinic, we understand that pregnancy and post pregnancy can be a wonderful and sometimes scary time when it comes to all the rapid changes you experience.  We try to put your mind at ease as we take a comprehensive history and examination to determine the best course of action to address your condition.

From there we recommend treatment appropriate to your size and stage of pregnancy/post pregnancy. We ensure we prioritise your and your growing bubs safety at all time.

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