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The average weight of a human head is 4.5-5kg. That means your neck must balance the weight of a bowling ball all day. Due to postural changes or previous traumas such as whiplash from car accidents, balancing your head on your neck can sometimes be increasingly difficult. As a result joints and muscles in the neck can often be overloaded and produce pain.

Why can neck pain be so painful?

Unfortunately neck pain can be especially debilitating because there are far more sensory nerves found in the neck than there are in any other parts of the human spine. That means that the neck can often sense pain a lot stronger than any other part of the spine.  Unfortunately due to the close relationship between the neck and the head, neck problems can often cause headaches.

What is the treatment of neck pain?

Your overall posture may contribute to feelings of neck pain.

As chiropractors, we look at the body as a whole. We understand that neck pain can often originate from other structures of the body, such poor posture of the shoulders and mid-back, and even the jaw (TMJ pain).

That means that patients with neck pain and stiffness may also need to get the rest of their spine assessed, to fully understand the cause of the neck problem.

Chiropractors are especially skilled in treating neck stiffness with spinal adjustments. An adjustment aims to move a joint in the neck and also stretches the surrounding muscles that causes neck stiffness.

Often at My Back Relief Clinic, we use a mixture of adjustments, rehabilitation, occupational therapy and ergonomic advice to manage neck conditions. We also often address and advise strategies to combat bad postural habits such as computer or phone posture, to properly treat neck pain.

Consult with a professional

At My Back Relief Clinic we take the time to try and determine the root cause of your problem. We do this by taking a comprehensive history and examination and if clinically indicated, we may refer for x-rays.

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