HCF Chiropractor

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More for Backs – HCF Chiropractor Program Are you an HCF health fund member? If you are, you can benefit from their More for Backs program.   Key Benefits This program reimburses 100% of the agreed charge for a new patient initial consultation. This benefit can be used once per year, when you present with […]


Stretch for Headaches

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Quick Stretch for Tension Headaches   How to get Rid of Your Headaches? This is obviously a question that has annoyed a lot of headache sufferers out there and the answer lies in what type of headache you actually have. There are different types of headaches. There are: Migraines Tension headaches Cluster headaches Hormonal headaches […]



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Stretching Videos: Dynamic vs Static Stretching and How Long Should You Stretch For? Video 1: Static Versus Dynamic Stretching Before Running This is a video for all of you that like to run. What I have noticed in the clinic these days is that a lot of my patients want to start running. Right now […]

Growing pains….what is it?

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Sometimes your kids will complain of pain and throbbing in their legs for what seems to be no reason…why does this happen? Growing pains is real, and can most commonly effects preschool-aged children and pre-teens and may last for up to a year or two. It largely effects the muscles and most commonly presents with […]