Paediatric Chiropractor in Dulwich Hill Sydney

Paediatric Chiropractor in Dulwich Hill Sydney


Chiropractic For Children?

It is becoming increasingly common for parents to seek out a paediatric chiropractor care for children’s health challenges . Early stages of life are when the muscolo-skeletal system begins to develop and it is typical to find that some adult spinal problems may begin as early as when they were babies. If you’re looking for advice from a chiropractor with paediatric knowledge, feel free to contact our clinic today.


Paediatric-Chiropractor-Dulwich-Hill-SydneyBabies and Chiropractic

Some of the most common conditions parents bring their babies to a chiropractor for is a Torticollis (wry neck) or Plagiocephaly (flat skull). Parents often recognise a torticollis when their baby favours turning their head only to one side. Often their baby refuses or can get quite irritated when they turn their head the other way. Sometimes parents will be able to feel a little nodule at the front of their baby’s neck from all the tight muscles from this condition.

A common cause of a torticollis is the pressure placed on a babies’ neck during the birth process itself, be it natural or assisted. After time, parents will notice that their baby prefers sleeping on one side of their head, which can eventuate into Plagiocephaly (flat skull). Due to unbalanced muscles from a Torticollis or Plagiocephaly parents may find that their child has problems latching whilst feeding or uneven muscle tone and coordination when their baby hits milestones such as learning to crawl.

Chiropractic treatment for these cases are often gentle involving stretches and exercises for parents to do at home.


Children and Chiropractic

As babies grow into children they learn to crawl, walk, ride bikes, skate which can lead to subtle injures that can impact them during the peak of their physical growth. If not addressed they can often show up as back pain, neck pain, headaches or scoliosis later in life.

The condition of Scoliosis (curved spine) is often a major concern of parents. Most parents first notice it on their children when they see one hip is higher than the other or one shoulder is higher than the other. One of the most important times for a chiropractic children check-up is around the 11-13 age, the time right before a child’s growth spurt. During this time, we can assess if your child has a scoliosis that simply needs monitoring or has one that would benefit from chiropractic treatment.


Consult With A Professional

At My Back Relief Clinic, we understand that it can be quite daunting to bring their child or baby to a Chiropractor, this is why we try to put your mind at ease as we take a comprehensive history and examination to determine if there is anything even wrong with your child’s spine.

From there, if we recommend your baby or child can benefit from a chiropractic adjustment, the treatment is always modified to suit a child’s size, weight and spinal condition. Safety and comfort is our highest priority when treating your precious child or baby.


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If you’re looking for advice from a Sydney chiropractor with paediatric knowledge, feel free to contact our clinic today.

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