Jaw Pain

Jaw Pain Also Known as TMJ Pain


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Jaw pain occurs in about 16% of the general population and is often a very overlooked body part when assessing the body.


Symptoms of Jaw problems

Jaw pain can present in many ways. This may include;

  • Headaches (even migraine type headaches)
  • clicking in the jaw
  • Locked jaw
  • Decrease motion
  • May feel like tooth pain or an ear ache

These symptoms often can effect general eating, talking, and the amount of stress in your day. Unfortunately a great portion of the brains is dedicated to the jaw. That means when it hurts, it usually hurts more than most other joints!


The jaw is closely linked to the posture of your neck.

Jaw Pain and Chiropractic

What a lot of people don’t realise is that the jaw is closely linked to the posture of your neck. That is why a great portion of people suffering from neck whiplash injuries can develop jaw pain too.

Chiropractors have university training in treating biomechanical jaw pain. Combined treatment and rehabilitation of both the neck and jaw can have had success in treating jaw pain. Chiropractors are also trained in assessing posture to determine if bad postures are contributing to pains elsewhere in your body.


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At My Back Relief Clinic, we believe in closely co-managing with your dentist to assist you any jaw problems you may have. If you’re looking for advice from a Sydney chiropractor with years of experience diagnosing and treating jaw pain, feel free to contact our clinic today.

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