HCF Chiropractor

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More for Backs – HCF Chiropractor Program Are you an HCF health fund member? If you are, you can benefit from their More for Backs program.   Key Benefits This program reimburses 100% of the agreed charge for a new patient initial consultation. This benefit can be used once per year, when you present with […]


What do Occupational Therapists do?

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Our Complete Guide to Occupational Therapy Occupational therapy, often abbreviated to OT, is a very important health-related service which helps individuals to better perform daily tasks, recover from injury, illnesses and some impairments.  In this article we’re going to take a broad look at the work occupational therapists do while highlighting our approach to OT, […]


Golfers Elbow

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Can Occupational Therapists Help Golfers Elbow? Everything you need to know about Golfer’s Elbow Do you experience pain in your elbow, wrist or the inside of your arm? Does this make it difficult to grip something in your hand? Golfer’s elbow can impact your life and stop you from enjoying your favourite activities, even if […]

Growing pains….what is it?

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Sometimes your kids will complain of pain and throbbing in their legs for what seems to be no reason…why does this happen? Growing pains is real, and can most commonly effects preschool-aged children and pre-teens and may last for up to a year or two. It largely effects the muscles and most commonly presents with […]